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Lyte Funkie Ones
Lyte Funkie Ones
El-Camel's Ratings:

dave allen


What can we say? Other than to declare an interest. OILZINE'S favourite boy band step-up to the microphone with their eagerly awaited debut album. Hey girls, they've got all the required attributes: the pecs, the six-packs, the pouts, the oh-so-moody stares; designer stubble, the chiselled profiles, clothes that make… the manly. They cater for all tastes: blonde -dyed - sensitive frat-boy; jet black combed - enigmatic Latin; mid-brown coiffed - Gillette beefcake. Brad, Devin and Rich: the best a girl can get. Does this explain why we like them so much? Hmmm… not quite.

You see, these guys have a way with words that makes the rest of their ilk look like the half-baked illiterates they really are. The album opens with a double-whammy of their top self-penned tunes of recent times - 'Summer Girls' and 'Girl On TV.' That's right, there's a definite pattern emerging… they like girls - plural, or singular. The feelings are mutual you can depend. What were we talking about? Oh yeh, all is explained as those insidiously eclectic lyrics take a long-term lease on brain central and refuse to leave without a fight. Accommodate them for long and there's a bill to be paid, with the involuntary recital of their raison d' être: here's a hint girls - they like you to wear "Abercrombie and Fitch" in the warm weather. Respect for the difference… most guys prefer their women without a stitch.

The lyrics dedicated to their small screen Venus are equally esoteric: full of asides and references. They're not afraid to hang their hearts out to dry - the mark of a real man: "At the risk of sounding cheesy (never) - I think I fell for the girl on tv." Boys have a Scooby-snack on us, and together we can get Shaggy.

They've got humour - 'Me (Boom. Shalak. Lak. Boom)'… er, you Jane presumably - and irony. Are these guys taking the piss - or what? Can we be sure either way? Take note, we've discovered a key aspect of their appeal… they don't appear to be as po-faced and self-important as the choreographed to death, spoon-fed and led, automaton alternatives. Puppets definitely R not us. These guys dance to their own tune(s). Gentleman's excuse me… may I be so bold as to suggest 'West Side Story' as the next single? Written by the guys again, it overshadows the assorted covers on the album. The Gibb Brothers' 'Can't Have You' positively pales in comparison. All in all a very good signpost to Lyte longevity.

They've got the word on rap; a nice line in seductive soul; a pulsating paragraph of funk (of course); and they know their way around the smoochy ballad book - 'Forever' and 'All I Need To Know' (precisely, eh girls?) - like they know their way around the material of the average Abercrombie and Fitch ensemble.

Do they raunch as well? You bet … these guys aren't afraid to reveal themselves either as 'I Will Show You Mine' proves. It steams with innuendo. Phew, this is one of those occasions that makes me wish I was a girl. I can only empathise while you ladies get the whole deal. It's an unfair world sometimes.

michael white  

Lyte Funkie Ones: Lyte Funkie Ones Arista/Logic CD-Album 74321-70683-2


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Lyte Funkie Ones

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