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World Party
Goodie Mob
El-Camel's Ratings:

matt farringdon


There's nothing wrong with ambition in the right quarters. Up until this - their third album - the Mob have been feverishly documenting the deep soul of the Deep South. Remorselessly articulating the - less than content - voice(s) of the Swats quarter of Atlanta; the microcosm of their neighbourhood transcending the city limits to become emblematic of the sharp end of black urban culture. But for now, the boys have more than just Georgia on their minds.

World Party is a call to all the races - as in y'all have a good time: black/white/Asian and Latino. The album is a dense, complex stew of soul and hip-hop; the wilfully impenetrable street 'music' of their voices - a celebration of their origins - is underpinned here by a new depth of surround sound. All instruments toward the same political ends. There is no resulting trade off/compromise of their revolutionary vision: the anthemic 'Chain Swang' travels its dark night of the soul with an ominous bravado that is backed up by an equally sonorous piano figure. They don't just do reinforcement: there is also tongue-in-cheek humour - the title track samples Lionel Richie's 'Fiesta'; and an atmospheric synth-sophistication that contrasts pointedly with the mad, animal house energy on 'Street Corner' and the similarly breathless whine of 'Cutty Buddy.'

The hard edge continues intact on 'Get Rich To This / Parking Lot (Break)' as the bro' speak gets into top gear; motor-mouthing - "We do a hundred on the highway!" The smooth sync(slink)opation of 'What It Ain't (Ghetto Enuff)' sees them entertaining the ubiquitous TLC to a vocal duel/duet for a combination punch that is more Left Eye than left field - just taking care of business with a declared "synergie"/energy.

Normal business is resumed with the sharp funk of 'The Dip' - a drive-through snapshot of street life that is the first of a matching pair of aces; the harsh hand completed by the scowling rasp of attitude that is 'All A's,' complete with four wheel chariot cry - "Coming for to carry you home" - each giving us a swingeing, low life sweep through the ghetto. These tracks answer to all the charges on the rap sheet; the looney-toon southern voices putting the accent on the powerful, coz added tunes help the Mob seethe more easily. As with the determination to progress out of their musical ghetto… so with the message: they mean what they say (to The) Man, and say what demeans them. The positive from out of the negative of 'Rebuilding' advocates moving beyond the stereotypical drugs, gangs, violence of the black tirade/façade; a cry freedom as - "These walls all come tumbling down."

Khujo, Cee-Lo, T-Mo and Big Gipp… boys out of Atlanta - aiming to see the world without hoods. Looking for a revolution in attitude, but with their feet still firmly planted in the swagger of the street. Their party food is soul-full and filling… out the world of the ignored/forgotten - those who have fallen through the crack(s) of an indifferent US. They're spreading their appeal out to US : all around the world - party! They're coming Mob handed, and be warned… they're highly addictive.

michael white

Goodie Mob: World Party - LaFace CD-Album 73008 26064 2

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World Party

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