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Puff Daddy
El-Camel's Ratings:

Puff Daddy Records
simon skinner


Puff Daddy world. Like a movie. Move the screen back. Lord is his best friend now Notorious BIG dead, seems like he still mourning. "do you understand what it means to be black?" jennifer lopez - real niggaz do reeal things - BIG comes in introduced over the PA by his old buddy the Puff Daddy and it's great to hear that BIG voice again but Puffy's scrubbing the archives - not much there on Real Niggas.

Forever is a reflective piece that comes with a few humorous interludes - they don't really work, apart from one - Puffy goes back to school and little miss comes in with the "motherfucking nigga" routine, which raises a smile. Puff's the money man of course and he seems a little obsessed with it - not in a happy way neither. He's definitely uneasy and on his talk piece interlude 'Diddy Speaks' he stumbles over his words in a kind of lazy what's the pointness? On the excellent 'I Hear Voices' - he intones "Don't hate me. Hate yourself motherfuckers." This is the repeat to fade. There's very little in the way of positivity and when he is spreading the gospel it's all about God being his best friend as if to suggest -like - the rest of us can go take a hike. Guest vocals on near every track and the effortless use of samples that are his hallmark.

'The Intro' has all and sundry coming through and it's got everything including bagpipes. Kelly Price on track two gives you the soaring beauty line to swell the chorus. It's a song about partying harder than anyone's ever partied before and guess who's brought the limo, and the private jet and the mojo set and the pack of cards? Don't call him Puffy. It's Sean Coombs to who that presumes. Next up features this lyric, "picture you painting a better picture than I drew - sky's the limit but I ain't finished jumping." Humping, frumping - get out of my motherfucking face you dumpkin!! "this shit is really deep." Always beware the man who tells you something. Spells it out. Stand out track the glorious 'Pain' is a masterclass in production finesse. There's a trip across town, Puffy speaking to G Dep on a mobile twice in the song and it all coming in like digital surround. It's not a wall but an ocean tube of sound and you ride it, the shock ending, like hitting another. If only all the album was like this track, it would have been the masterpiece Puff believes it is. 'Journey through the life' tries to be as good but just misses it. Woods not hoods to wander around in late at night - puff's lonely and misses the brothers don't want end up in no "prison faggot", mind start sampling Earth, Wind and Fire and Christopher Cross no less and anything's possible. "Faith without fear," no lord my dear.

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